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Monday, September 26, 2005 


I sometimes wonder if folks like those over at The Worst Blog In The World (PowerLyin) really believe what they write. I often read posts at both left- and right-wing sites with a lot of skepticism, but I'm always amazed by what I find when I head over there. Hindrocket, Big Trunk, and Deacon all seem to be just amazingly out of touch. I'm not just talking about their political awareness, which seems to be inconsistent at best, but also their connection with the real world. The Powerliars are among that group of people who see themselves as constantly under attack from just about everything, despite the indisputable fact that people who share their beliefs dominate this country. But it's always the liberals - the bad, powerful liberals who are destroying America in a million little ways, and the small, noble band of conservatives who will fight the good fight to make this country great.

As long as it doesn't mean, God forbid, actually fighting.

It almost makes me glad that MDE is around.

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