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Sunday, September 25, 2005 

Poking Fun

AmericaBLOG has recently had several open threads poking fun at the President's supposed return to alcoholism. I object to these.

Pres. Bush, as many know, has struggled with addiction (in this case, alcoholism) in the past. To me, that's not something to make fun of in general (Rush Limbaugh, a man who hypocritically lambasted drug users, is a rare exception). I think Bush is a horrific president and probably not exactly a great guy, either, but I think he should be praised for getting and staying dry. Many lives have been destroyed by not doing so. A recent National Enquirer article, however, reports Bush has begun drinking again, a very serious issue for a recovering alcoholic. Since, AmericaBLOG has been taking cheap shots at him, doing things like suggesting drinks. The tone of these posts has been slightly maniacal and more than slightly gleeful.

The proprietors of AmericaBLOG don't seem to recognize the seriousness of this subject. If the President really has begun drinking again, it's a problem with implications for national security, among other things. I don't believe what the Enquirer says; it's not exactly a reputable source for news of any kind. Most of us would be beyond livid if Republicans were taking Enquirer stories at face value. It's a question, however, that may warrant serious questions by real papers. This topic is too important for anything else.

You are to be commended for your post. You are 100% correct. I loath Bush for his false swagger and his now proven unfitness to continue being our President, but were stuck with him for three long long years God help us.
The Rapter

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