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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

Breaking News

Kelly Doran may be out. While I'm more or less neutral on Doran, I can't help but think that this is a positive development for the DFL. If Idusogie is right, Amy Klobuchar will be in a much improved position.

UPDATE: Apparently Doran is running for governor. Ouch. This throws a wrench into the works, but I think it lowers his credibility. Does he want an office but not care which one?

Rumor mill has him announcing a run for Governor at the press conference...

Yep, Checks & Balances reports Doran is switching from the Senate race to the Governor's race. I think Doran has largely tried to build name recognition more than anything else. Besides it worked for Pawlenty (unfortunately).

This does nothing to lower his credibility. Nobody knows he was running for senate. They've seen some billboards with his name on them and heard that some guy named "Doran" was running for something. He successfully raised his name recognition and is now in a race he can win. I'm sorry but Steve Kelley will not be our next governor. Mike Hatch...eh...a lot of people dislike him. Doran has a lot of money and his message and image will resonate with A LOT of minnesotans. If we in the DFL can possibly have the forsight, he absolutely has a great shot against Teflon Timmy.

Teflon Timmy?

Think about the implications of that nickname.

Think up something more accurate and damning if you're going to be namecalling.

You're reading too far into my intentions. I simply meant that he has an uncanny ability to take some lumps and come out looking fine--even better than before. It's actually meant as a compliment.

I don't think it lowers his cred. at all. Pawlenty did the same thing short of actually announcing his bid for Senate. I too think he is the best chance we have if we want to win because he CAN get the middle voters. And Hatch has a lot of people who like him, but he also has lots of really dislike him, whereas Doran doesn't have that.

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