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Saturday, September 10, 2005 

Protect & Defend

Does anybody really trust George W. Bush and his "team" to prevent another terrorist attack? Could anyone really have done a worse job of disaster relief? Is this really a man you want handling the national security of the United States of America? Having the "nook-yuh-lur" launch codes?

Everybody but the wingnuts has already figured out the answers to these questions.

Couple of things about that poll…

1) 42% Republicans and 48 Democrats were polled. Results will be off because of this.
This poll was taken immediately after a HUGE FUBAR situation in Louisiana where people were already blaming the Federal government even before all of the facts were in. This is further illustrated when 69% of the respondents stated, “The federal government should have been better prepared to cope with the effects of a disaster of the magnitude caused by Hurricane Katrina”
2) 15% polled were unemployed. That is FAR below the current unemployment rate.
3) 50% of those polled were Protestant. Not only is this not a fair comparison, but it will almost always favor the results AGAINST a conservative President.
4) 40% had an annual household income above $50,000…and 24% were above $75,000. Again, this is not a good cross section of the population.

And, perhaps the most important problem that I have with this poll…I cannot find anywhere where it states HOW the poll was conducted. I am willing to bet that the poll was conducted over the phone…which are always done on a voluntary basis. Remember the exit polls form the 2004 election and what can happen! Kerry was suppose to win by a landslide and in the end it was so close it wasn’t even funny!

Bottom line, to claim a 3% margin of error on a poll like this, is simply wishful thinking.

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