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Thursday, August 25, 2005 

Minnesota Republicans Exposed

[Ed. Note: This post is going to inflate a certain someone's ego, but it needs to be written anyways.]

Lets face it: we're all a little bit envious of the attention Minnesota Democrats Exposed gets. When he links to North Star Politics, my traffic more than doubles. He has done some work that has made major newspapers, something that this blogger doesn't ever dare to dream of. He has managed (at least until now?) to maintain his anonymity, a fairly impressive feat. All the while, he has consistently stirred up trouble for the DFL and been one of the centerpieces of the Minnesota blogosphere.

We don't have an answer for him. We need one. It is an article of faith for me that Republicans have more dirt under their nails than Democrats do, that fighting against corruption and scandal is a battle that we can win at. While a few blogs such as Minnesota Republican Watch do some investigative work, it's not really anybody's focus.

Thus, I'm proposing a new group site, which I've just begun building. It will be devoted to uncovering the Republican dirt, scandal, and subterfuge that exists in Minnesota. We've seen bits and pieces of it, here and there, but with a Republican U.S. Senator, Governor, State Auditor, Secretary of State, 99 Republican legislators and 4 Republican members of Congress, there's far more to be uncovered. Together, we can do it.

I'll have more of an announcement when the site's almost ready to come online. For now, if you have any comments, I'd welcome them, and if you have any desire to get involved, send me an email. This is the first public announcement of the site, and thus there isn't anybody working with me yet, so please do send that email if you're interested at all.

Anyone else hear crickets?

Actually, I've already gotten positive responses via e-mail.

As a conservative, I sincerely wish you luck. I know that, as a Republican, I am FAR from squeaky clean. When family and friends ask why I don’t run for office (I have worked on several campaigns and have been close to many politicians) I simply tell them that I would be afraid of bones not just falling out of the closet but also from coming out of my mouth.

I think blogs of this nature (for either side) are beneficial for a number or reasons:

1) It will hopefully force term limits. While it may not become official policy, people reading blogs might just become educated enough to oust incumbents.
2) It keeps people thinking about politics in general. There is nothing I hate more than having election time come around and talking to people who they are thinking about voting for only to find out they have NO intelligent reason for who they are thinking of voting for. I personally don’t care WHO you vote for, but for God’s sake, PLEASE make an INFORMED decision!
3) It keeps the People, the People who the government is suppose to be representing, involved.
4) It can be anonymous. The First Amendment is one of the greatest things this country has. I feel that being able to voice an opinion, without fear for physical retribution, is VERY important. People BASH Minnesota Democrats Exposed all of the time because they think that he is not creditable. While he was wrong about Patty Wetterling, he was right about Lois Conroy, and time will tell on the Entenza vs. Hatch deal.

Good luck on your endeavor! Hopefully blogs like yours and MDE’s will HELP politics in Minnesota.

Ah... finally a decent conservative.

Oh, there are plenty of decent conservatives. Problem is, they're not the ones in power - the wingnuts are.

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