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Thursday, August 18, 2005 

Hatch for Governor

I'm not as up on the gubernatorial race as I am on the Senate race. In fact, I know very little about the two leading candidates, Mike Hatch and Steve Kelley. In the left-wing blogosphere, however, there seems to be a huge amount of anti-Hatch sentiment, many believing that he shouldn't win, can't win, or both. I don't understand this; until recently, I'd never heard much negativity about Hatch. From what I have heard, seen, and read, it seems to me that Hatch is a solid if unremarkable Attorney General. I'd like to hear readers' thoughts on Hatch - go ahead and leave a comment or e-mail me (northstarpolitics(at)gmail.com) and tell me what you think about Hatch, his record, and his candidacy.

My one thought on the matter, keeping in mind that I haven't read up much on this race, is this: Mike Hatch has a record of winning even when DFLers do badly. Think back to the 2002 elections, in which Democrats nationwide did very badly and the DFL lost practically everything it contested. Mike Hatch was the only DFLer to win a statewide election. That suggests to me that there may be more to him or his candidacy than meets the eye.

Think about it, and leave your thoughts, please.

Well, remember that because he's got so much more recognition, the right is going to be firing a lot more at him than they would at someone else, too.

I'm not decided at all yet, but at the moment I like Kelley a lot better. Hatch just seems too old-Democrat to me, and I'd prefer someone from the new school.

He flipped on abortion rights.

I remember talking to someone about how Hatch is really missing charisma, and what he needs is a good Lt Gov. our theory was that was where Wetterling should go once she loses the senate nom.

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