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Tuesday, October 16, 2007 

Walz Challengers On Their Own

Bluestem Prairie catches State Sen. Dick Day, a Republican challenger to Congressman Tim Walz, admitting he expects little help from the NRCC.

This race is rapidly becoming a nightmare for the GOP. Walz would have been tough to beat in any case, but facing a weak crop of poorly funded candidates having little outside help, he will be nearly invulnerable next year. If Walz can't be beaten running for his first re-election, any representative's most perilous, he could be representing southern Minnesota for a long, long time.

Walz beating up on his opponents will free up DFL and DCCC money and energy for the 3rd and 6th districts. Rep. Michele Bachmann and the Republican field in the 3rd would be well-served by finding serious opposition for Walz.

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