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Thursday, October 04, 2007 

The Return

As you may have noticed, this January, new posts stopped appearing here at North Star Politics. It wasn’t something that had been planned, but rather the result of a long downslide of motivation and inspiration for this blog. After running the table in the 2006 elections, with a Democratic Congress and a DFL Legislature, NSP felt confident that both Minnesota and the country would soon be back on the right track, and that confidence stole away the motivation to write here.

I was wrong.

Months later, things are little better. Today, our executive remains unchecked, running a failing war in Iraq over the meek objections of a cowering Congress. Today, our state’s priorities remain in the wrong places, with insufficient progress made towards returning this state to its title as “the state that works.” A Democratic Congress and a DFL Legislature are not enough. A Democratic president and a DFL governor won’t be enough. We need not only more but better Democrats in office, and we need to keep up the pressure on a conservative media that slants the public dialogue against progressives. We can’t trust our government to the politicians; every day, however we can, each of us must do our part to push our state and our country towards the progressive, fair, and just future that we know can be realized.

Beginning (again!) today, North Star Politics will be here, pushing for that future.


"conservative media" that's funny.

I hope you are only referring to a small segment (Fox, WSJ, talk radio, etc.) of the media and not the whole thing.

The media is more than welcoming when "progressives" come running.

Welcome back to the blogosphere.

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