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Monday, December 04, 2006 

Unhappy Decider

As you know, John Bolton resigned today. What you may not know is that the President is "not happy."
"I accepted. I'm not happy about it," Bush said Monday afternoon in the Oval Office, with Bolton at his side. Bush did not name a replacement, and officials offered no timetable for an announcement.
Of course, there is the usual "blame the Democrats" routine as the article goes on. Bolton is already serving, though; why would he need to be approved again?
Bolton got the position in August 2005, appointed by Bush when Congress was in recess.
Oh, that's right. The Senate has been Republican since his appointment, and the new members haven't been seated yet. Bush can blame Senate Democrats all he wants, but his party still (one more month!) occupies the majority there. When is he going to understand that even his own party has left him?

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