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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Blogger Dishonesty

You know, sometimes the little things are the biggest indicators of dishonesty. I've admitted in the past that Michael Brodkorb at Minnesota Democrats Exposed has done some decent work, revealing some misbehaving DFLers. And that's good; in a democratic society, there need to be some citizen watchdogs. On the other hand, however, in his quest to get multiple posts up a day, he's crossed the line. Repeatedly. He's gone after candidates' children, after personal issues with absoutely no relevance to politics, all kinds of things that ought not be brought up, and that are below him and even (dare I say it) the Republican Party, which there is little question he represents.

I've been a frequent critic of MDE, as any regular reader of this blog will know, and I'm going to criticize him today. Why, in a post about joke DFL candidate Russ Koch (who I put at the same level as, say, Ole Savior), would MDE list for his tags all the other DFL gubernatorial candidates but not Russ Koch? His tagging indicates pure dishonesty, and he needs to stop it. MDE has said he has added Koch to his tag list. Still, the fact that he is using all the gubernatorial candidates' names as tags on posts that don't refer to them all is highly questionable.

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I don't normally self-promote too much, but if you're looking for a bit of blogger dishonesty, you might want to check out my two most-recent posts regarding one Mike Grimes and http://minnnesotamiddle.blogspot.com. He and I had a, shall we say, spirited discussion on issues surrounding his status as an Independence Party official and his frequent comments and posts in support of Peter Hutchinson.

Russ Koch name has been added to my tag list. I appreciate you bringing the mistake to my attention.

I certainly want people to find my posts and it makes no sense that I would intentionally keep a name off my tag list.

Again, thanks for proofreading my work.

Oddly enough, we were discussing this at Drinking Liberally Wednesday. Our theory is that he overtags everything to make himself always come up whenever anyone searches on anything. Pretty wiley, actually.

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