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Monday, February 27, 2006 

Mr. Franken

I understand what MN Politics is saying here. Having Franken as a candidate brings up a lot of issues. He's fairly rich (though he hasn't always been that way), he may not be the most qualified candidate, and worst of all he is perhaps liable to not be taken seriously.

I will absolutely not accept Franken being shoved down our throats. There will almost certainly be a number of candidates to take on the poor excuse for the (at that point) senior senator, and it will be absolutely imperative that we have our best candidate on the ticket in November. The DFL should not, must not, cannot engage in kingmaking.

I'm excited to see Franken run, but I'm keeping my eyes open for other candidates. If Franken decides to run, wins the endorsement, wins the primary, great. If not, thanks for running. We'll give him a chance, and what he does with that chance is up to him.

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Too many people are enamored with Franken. I have never understood this. I like him as a radio host and humorist, but that doesn't necessarily translate into a good candidate. Franken may very well be a good candidate, but he has yet to prove that.

I agree that Franken has to prove himself as a political candidate, rather than (or as well as) a political comedian.

I suspect he will. And he has two years to do so. And, as a Minnesotan and a Franken fan, I anticipate that he will do well, very well, should he run.

If he fails -- well, he can put that into his act. But if he wins, well, he'll avenge Wellstone's unfortunately shortened campaign. And Franken is so much smarter than most Senators that I would be proud to count him as my Minnesota Senator

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