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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 

SD31/HD31B Update

I've gotten some great information from a reader over the past couple of days about Rep. Greg Davids (R-31B), a notoriously ethically challenged House member from SE Minnesota.

For SD31, an open seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Bob Kierlin, the candidates will be Republican Brenda Johnson (Chatfield), DFLer Sharon Ropes (Winona), DFLer Kelly Herrold (Winona), and Independent Kevin Kelliher (Caledonia). Kelliher, a Houston County Commissioner, is apparently pretty centrist and may split the Republican base, possibly allowing Ropes or Herrold to eke out a win; Ropes ran in 2002 against Kierlin, losing 53-47, so she may be able to do better against a pair of non-incumbents, and knowing little else about this race she probably has the edge in the endorsement. Failed 2004 DFL HD31B candidate Al Hein, who lost the endorsement to Peggy Hanson, has apparently switched parties and may be considering taking on Johnson for the endorsement on the GOP side.

For HD31B, the only prospective DFL candidate is Ken Tschumper (La Crescent). He has not yet decided to run, but if he does Hanson will be supporting him. Hanson apparently has no plans to run again. Rep. Davids, ethical issues and all, is running again, and I strongly believe this represents a pickup chance for the DFL. Southeastern Minnesota is trending blue, and this seat, along with HD30BHD31B, are about the best shots the DFL will get.

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A typo maybe? We already have HD30B. A mister Andy Welti represents us.

A typo indeed, thanks for pointing that out. Rep. Welti is running again.

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