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Friday, July 22, 2005 

What a Jackass

MDE is just on fire today, with a pair of posts attacking Ford Bell for having some money, yet not enough to self-finance his campaign for U.S. Senate. You can read here and here.

You have to understand that Senate campaigns are really expensive. Now, NSP has no idea how much money Mr. Bell has. The man could have $50 million sitting around and just doesn't want to spend it. But to question Mr. Bell's ability to pay for a Senate campaign on the basis of the value of his house (which may have been in the family for several generations or something like that) just isn't right, isn't smart, isn't fair.

I invite MDE to consider the value of his own home the next time he has any cash flow problems.

NSP has posted about MDE before, most recently here. This stuff continues to lower the bar.

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