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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 

No New No-New-Tax Pledge

MRW has a post detailing Gov. Pawlenty's stated refusal to sign any interest group pledges next year.

Can anyone find the logic here? Pawlenty has made it through two bienniums without raising taxes (cough cough), incurring the wrath of just about everyone to the left of wingnuttia, then decides to back out of his pledge in 2006, thus incurring the wrath of the wingnuts, too! What kind of advisors does this man have?

Ohh, Tim...what is Grover going to say?

It's because he's getting more flack from the hard right than the left at the moment. The Taxpayer's League is pissed about the cig. tax increase and they helped to scuttle his casino plan, there's even some talk of looking for someone more capable of 'upholding his principles' in '06. My guess is it's a preemptive move to reach out to more moderate elements in the R party to counterbalance expected challenges from the Taxpayer's League contingent.

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