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Saturday, July 01, 2006 

Sen. Day's Office in Hot Water

Sen. Dick Day's office has been bad. Very bad. I just got tipped off to this.

Steve Drazkowski is a GOP candidate for Senate in SD28 (Red Wing and surrounding areas). Earlier in the cycle, he was charged with fifth-degree domestic assault for hitting his teenage daughter, but he was aquitted. Turns out that Daniel Nelson, a staffer for Sen. Day, sent out slanderous mailings about the charges in order to weaken Drazkowski's bid for the GOP endorsement (he lost, though he'll be in the primary against GOP endorsed Steve Wilson). Unfortunately for Sen. Day and Mr. Nelson, this is apparently a violation of the Fair Campaign Practices Act.


A reader sent me the story, but you can't access the article as it's behind a paywall. I'll post a link as soon as there's a free article available, and I'll work on getting more details as well.

UPDATE/NOTE: A reader prompts me to point out that I'm not suggesting that Mr. Drazkowski actually did hit his daughter - only that he was charged with doing so. I have no information on his politics or his strength as a candidate aside from this incident.

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Dan Nelson had to get approval for his slander piece from Minority Leader Dick Day.

Tax-payer dollars had to have been used for this slander.

This is nothing less than total corruption by the Republican Senate Caucus.

With the help of Day, the Democrats continue control of the Senate.

I live in 28 were Mr. Drazkowski is running and know that he is well liked and respected by both DFL "just not were he stands on some things" and GOP almost as a whole. Both DFL and GOP who know him, know the charges that were on him were nothing but a joke and waste of money and time. Mr. Drazkowski is not like Sen. Dick who seems to have a little corruption going on.

I'd give this Drazkowski something for going after this corruption in his own party.

I saw this guy in a couple parades and he has the same group of three or four people with him every time. They continually glance to the sky looking for black helicopters.

The guy has no business running after being arrested for hitting his daughter.

I bet he received about 5 percent of the vote. What a joke.

I saw him at a parade in Lake City and he had about 50 people walking with him (including his daughter). What parades are you going to Mr. Black Helicopter? Judging by your comments you might be one of the guilty parties named in the complaint. I bet your IP address would say the same. Don't you love technology?

I saw him at a parade in Lake City and he had about 40-50 people walking with him (including his daughter). What parades are you going to Mr. Black Helicopter Pilot? Judging by your comments you might be one of the guilty parties named in the complaint. I bet your IP address would say the same. You can go right on his website and see how many people he had at Lake City.
You were probably not at the parade or any other parade for that matter. Don't you just love technology?
Thankfully we have a democratic process that will allow the voters to decide on September 12th whether or not they want Drazkowski on the ballot in November.

He was cleared of the assault charges.

Drazkowski sure seems to have a lot of courage. He may be the candidate that can clean up the mess in St. Paul. He could also clean up the biggest child abuser in Minnesota(The so called 'Child Protection Agency').

love that Inspector Draz wants to use shady means (tracking IP addresses) to advance his failed candidacy.

I heard Draz promised to abide by the GOP endorsement and now has flip-flopped to run in the primary.

Once people find out about his checkered past (arrest for striking his daughter -- which he laughably called "parenting"), he'll be lucky to break out of the single digits in September.

So, we've got a flip-floppin arrestee running for Senate -- you can't make this stuff up.

Sen. Murphy must be enjoying this.

Mr. Drazkowski, don't forget that O.J. was "cleared" of charges as well.

To my neighbors in Red Wing, ask Draz about the article that was written after he was arrested that said he burned his daughter's underwear because he thought it was "promiscuous." And he calls this "parenting."

Just sickening.

Some awful nasty comments on this blog - OJ - come on.

I was at LC parade. It looked to me like Drazkowski had between 40 to 50 supporters marching with him. They stood out!

I was also a delegate at the convention. At one point Drazkowski was only 11 voted away from winning. I can't blame him for getting back in the race under the circumstances.

Drazkowski was not just cleared, he was unanimously cleared of the charges.

Now, I wonder who the "anonymous" blogger is who likes the number 5 so well. What reason do you have to say such things. Anyone who was at these events knows better.

If you are going to make up stories make up something a little more believable - or at least something not so obviously untrue.

BTW Tracking IP's is not a "shady tactic". It is common practice. I had my IP address checked on a blog one time to make sure I wasn't posting under two names.

I never did get an apology from my accuser.

Wow...I find it interesting that both of Mr. Black Helicopter Pilot's posts have included verbage from the slander piece that was sent out prior to the endorsing convention. It's really a shame that he has incuded that chapter from his "republican" playbook. I bet you won't be so quick to judge when your mugshot is on the front page of the Red Wing Republican Eagle.

Day will have to step down as minority leader, actually he should resign his senate seat.
Will Gary Iocco have to step aside too? It seems as though he had some part in this.

Is it possible that the those who can't count past 4 are one in the same with the persons who couldn't count delegates and alternates during the fraudulent endorsing convention? Consider taking an elementary math course while sitting behind bars!

I hear the WWF is comin' to the Twin Cities.

Maybe they can get Drazkowski to be a guest-host of Smackdown!

"I hear the WWF is comin' to the Twin Cities. Maybe they can get Drazkowski to be a guest-host of Smackdown!"

Tee, hee, hee.

Drazkowsky's campaign theme song should be that hit from the 80s by Oliva Newton John, "Let's Get Physical."

Hey what do you know? Dan Nelson, Dick, and their friends have been on here! And they just cant get past the truth. Steve Drazkowski never did anything to his kid. I heard with my own ears the other man who is running for sen. say that he has seen Drazkowski and his daughter and seen how much they both love each other. I ran on his daughter's CC team and I heard her tell the other kids how great her dad was and how much she loved him.... and she will still say that. For those of you with your head in the sand... On the first vote Steve Drazkowski had 2x as many votes as the other two. Then Dick's friends "fun" payed off. Now the Black Helicopter is coming for them. I wish the people could vote today so they could show Dick and his friends and their lies up.

I have heard the Draz theme song at the parades. It is "You've Got to Stand for Something or You'll Fall for Anything" by Aaron Tippin. What a statement! Day and his buddies need a theme song too. May I suggest, "Here Comes the Judge"?

I have a friend in law enforcement and he taught me a very valueable lesson. He said that if you think someone is lying ask them a question that you already know the truth about and if they lie about that question there is a pretty good chance they are lying about other questions as well. So say for example someone says that they went to a parade and there were only 3 or 4 people walking for a political candidate, when in reality there were 40 or 50 people walking for that political candidate, then there is a pretty good chance that person is lying about other things...like say slander mailings and voter fraud. I'll have to buy that friend a beer.

Well it appears that the Office of Administrative Hearings sees a law violation in what Day's employee did. An evidentuary hearing is being scheduled. Day's boy stands to pay out up to $5000 and possible criminal prosecution! I guess every dog has his "Day"!

I just read the new documents on Drazkowsky's site. It looks like everything was dismissed except for one thing about a headline that said, "senate candidate assaults daughter and is still running." -- seems accurate to me.

The complaint's not going anywhere.

Lots of wheel spinning and grandstanding for nothing by Draz and his team of a half dozen.

Drazkowsky should just hang it up, he might get 10 percent but that's about it.

He's an embarassment to Minnesotans and political candidates everywhere.

To Mr. anonymous (the one that always sounds so angry)

What is your personal vendetta against Drazkowski?

Did someone beat you when you were a child and now you think anyone who is ever accused of anything must be guilty?

You can't get even with your father by persecuting a stranger. The wounds will never heal that way.

Don't take this wrong, but maybe you should talk to a counselor or your pastor. It's not healthy to be so angry all the time.

Or at least get off the computer for a few days. Get out and do something fun with your family or friends.

According to the 7/12/06 Winona Daily News, Dick Day states he is "close to getting an attorney". By the looks of all the evidence against him, I think he needs an attorney. I just hope he has enough scruples not to use tax payer money to pay for him/her services.

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