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Thursday, December 13, 2007 

A Little Progress

In one state, in one small way, we took a step. Even if it's only really a symbolic one. It's a start.

I'm not necessarily absolutely opposed to the death penalty, but it's clear that the way it's administered in this country is absolutely barbaric. At this point, too many of the arguments that death penalty advocates make are false or at least intellectually dishonest. It's more expensive than life imprisonment, doesn't deter crime, and, of course, is absolutely irreversible.

Kudos to the New Jersey legislature, and to Governor Corzine, who will sign their bill into law.

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The Death Penalty is a GOOD thing. In fact, we should increase it to include pedophiles and repeat rapists. It's stupid to do away with something that gets rid of bad people. Look at us out here in California, we got rid of it once and now we tax payers are stuck with footing Charles Manson's bills when the sick freak should've been dead a long time ago. You're going to regret this, believe me.

Again: it's MORE EXPENSIVE than life imprisonment.

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