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Sunday, January 22, 2006 


NSP has a new rule to add to Republican Minnesota's blogging formula, as released by MN Publius:

5. Anything that can possibly be misspelled will be misspelled.

As an example, Republican Minnesota's latest post (as I write this) says:

Paul Bagalla on Meet the Press

I don't know if I heard this right (I was eating breakfast at the time) but I think I heard Paul Bagalla say the contributions from the tribes we "Abramoff-directed."

I will try and get a transcript.
Perhaps RM isn't aware, but the man's name is Paul Begala. Not to mention, of course, the "we" in place of "were". It's okay, though, since RM isn't alone; many Republicans aren't very interested in checking of any kind (fact-, spell-, grammar-, etc.).

UPDATE: RM has changed it as of about 9 AM. Of course, it still says "we". But far be it from me to nitpick, of course.

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