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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 

DFL Primary Politics

RM's latest post is, as usual, total bunk. Besides the monstrously amateurish spelling errors ("looses" instead of "loses") and typos ("If it could to a 4 person primary") it's based on highly questionable analysis. Let's take a look.
Whoever gets the DFL endorsement will get the kiss of death in a primary.
Where the hell is the evidence for this? The winner of the endorsement will come out looking very good against Kelly Doran, who's the only one we know will completely discount the endorsement and is facing an uphill battle in the primary. If the winner isn't Hatch, and if said winner beats Hatch by a reasonably large margin, Hatch will call it a day. Whatever else you want to call Mike Hatch, he's not stupid.
Of course we all know that in a primary, Mike Hatch will win coming out bruised, broken, penniless and having alienated many DFLers.
Again, what the hell is RM basing this on? Mike Hatch is considered by many to be the favorite overall and is almost unquestionably the front-runner at this point, but he is by no means guaranteed the nomination. Especially in that Kelly Doran will pose a substantial challenge between the caucuses and the primary. As a side note, it's not clear that it's going to be a particularly negative battle, or that Hatch will alienate many Democrats. So far, things have been relatively positive and Hatch has largely avoided controversy.

UPDATE: RM has just put up a post titled "This is to easy". Honestly, a typo here and there is unavoidable; I make them every so often. When you're as sloppy about your writing as RM is, however, it becomes that much harder for others to respect your opinion.

UPDATE #2: RM's even-newer post: "Bell's letter go Klobuchar".

hello, im not sure you read RM correctly, they said that Hatch would emerge a winner from the PRIMARY....not the endorsement. Which is why RM is saying he would have alienated DFLer's. The reason RM said this is because Hatch announced that he will run in the primary pretty much regardless of who wins the endorsement. RM is not saying Hatch it guaranteed the endorsement (which he most likely is), he is saying that when it comes to a primary hatch will win.

I'm talking about the "nomination", meaning the primary.

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