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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

Are You Kidding Me?

Who on God's green Earth is running Kelly Doran's website? Take a look on the left side, about halfway down the page. "Kelly Doran's Announcement Speach." Ridiculously unprofessional, and right on the front page, getting who-knows-how-many eyeballs a day. Is this guy a serious candidate?

I am,
Thanks for the typo catch. But next time try directing these comments to our website instead of posting something like this to a blog.


I'm posting this to my blog because I question the Doran campaign's a) commitment and b) competence. This kind of stuff is sloppy and, while a typo on your website won't lose you elections, it's all too often a symptom of a campaign with larger problems. Doran has already made several missteps, mostly political, and I hate to see a first-tier DFL candidate for governor look this bad out of the gate.

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