Saturday, June 25, 2005 


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National Spectator

The President paid a visit to the Nationals last night.

The president was spotted drinking bottled water as Nationals right-hander Esteban Loaiza retired the first three Toronto Blue Jays he faced.

Bush left just before God Bless America was performed during the seventh-inning stretch.

Why does George W. Bush hate America?

Friday, June 24, 2005 

MN Lefty Liberal will be missed

MN Lefty Liberal is apparently going off the blogosphere. He will be missed.


Call to the Governor

The governor hasn't heard about the controversy, apparently, but my complaint will be relayed to him. I feel so much better now.


Call for the Governor to Denounce Rove

I'm proud to join fellow bloggers MN Lefty Liberal and Minnesota Republican Watch in calling for Tim Pawlenty to denounce Karl Rove's statements. You can get the numbers at the latter site, but I'll post them here too: (651) 296-3391 local or (800) 657-3717 toll-free. Tim Pawlenty is a bit of a tool: if he gets enough calls, e-mails, and faxes, he'll probably cave. Lets see, shall we?

There's little else that this blogger can add here about Rove. This topic is being covered ad nauseum all around the blogosphere. All I can say is that his words and actions have been and continue to be unbecoming of a government official of the United States of America, and he and his boss need to be brought to answer for these outrages.

Thursday, June 23, 2005 

Norwegianity Gets It Right

Norwegianity (which was just blogrolled & added to the newsreader today) hits the nail on the head on how to deal with Rove.
Earth to the Democratic party leadership: go to the mattresses on this one, or we’ll just say fuck it and start a new party, one without you in it. You stand and fight for us, or we’ll start the recall petitions...


Thankfully, it does look like the entire Democratic machine is firing up for this one. It should be a show.


Power Liberal

I figure if I've caught the attention of a quality writing such as Power Liberal, I must be doing something right.

Thanks for the support and the plug, Rew.

And of course, all the other links on the blogroll are worth a read as well.


Just Hypothetically...

Just imagine something for a moment.

Pretend that an important Republican waltzed into the state and city of New York, and said:
"Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers."


"Has there ever been a more revealing moment this year? Let me just put this in fairly simple terms: Al Jazeera now broadcasts the words of Senator Durbin to the Mideast, certainly putting our troops in greater danger. No more needs to be said about the motives of liberals."
Pretend that, in response, an important New York Democratic official delivered the only immediate response, saying:
"In New York, where everyone unified after 9/11, the last thing we need is somebody who seeks to divide us for political purposes."
If it were only in our heads. Karl Rove really did say that last night, and Sen. Chuck Schumer really couldn't think of any better way to respond. Paul Waldman (via Atrios) gets it exactly right.
Chuck, you don't respond to slander like that by talking about how we shouldn't be divided. This is how you respond:

"Karl Rove's comments are even more despicable than what we've come to expect from Republicans. There is no depth to which they will not sink, no tragedy they will not exploit for political gain. The next time Mr. Rove wants to come to New York to lecture us about what September 11 means, he'd better hope this New Yorker isn't in the room."

I think I'd put it even more strongly, but that's entirely correct. I, for one, am sick and tired of having a Democratic party that constantly takes it on the chin and never punches back. When we let men like Karl Rove say things like the above without a swift, strong, and vociferous response, we implicitly surrender to it. Compare Rove's statement to Sen. Durbin's. What Rove said is at best completely unproven, at worst an outright lie. Sen. Durbin's floor speech asserted that many Americans, when read some of the conditions at Gitmo, would believe it to be a Nazi, Soviet, or Pol Pot-era Cambodian prison camp, and in this he is almost certainly correct. Sen. Durbin, under immense pressure from the right, was forced to apologize. It's safe to bet the farm that Rove won't be saying sorry any time soon. One of the Democratic party's biggest issues is an electorate that sees it as weak, or at the very least weaker than the GOP. If we show some spine, the American people will surely reward us for it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005 

Durbin Loses Spine

It appears that yesterday's post about Sen. Durbin's strength under fire was premature. Today, Sen. Durbin got on his knees and begged forgiveness from the right. He needn't have. His comments were right on the money, even if he wasn't quite correct in choice of examples and words.

Part of the reason Democrats do so badly these days is that people don't know what we stand for. When we give in to the right-wing noise machine, we only encourage that belief. We must be resolute, we must have backbone, we must speak up for the truth and not back down. Today, Sen. Durbin has done us all a disservice.

Monday, June 20, 2005 

Three Cheers

The Democratic Party's biggest problems are its lack of spine and its unwillingness to call the Republicans (especially Bush) on some of the most blatantly evil things that they've done. Thus, three cheers for Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) for his floor speech on the horrific abuse at Guantanamo. The Star Tribune has a great editorial tomorrow about the speech and the furor it has aroused among the wingnuts. I'm proud of Sen. Durbin. While he has half-apologized for his comments (which there was no need to do), having had the guts to make his speech in the first place isn't to be taken lightly, and his unwillingness to completely knuckle under to the knuckleheads is admirable.

We need more like him.


Up in Smoke

Another front-page blow to the Bush administration today, in the form of a second failed cloture vote for John Bolton. Bush's political capital, always meager, is evaporating more quickly now than at anytime before, between the Iraq quagmire (including both the growing questions about the Downing Street Memo and congressional Republicans' growing tendancy to distance themselves from the war), the revving Guantanamo issue, his powerlessness in the Bolton and judicial nomination fights, his DOA Social Security plan, soaring energy prices, and even more news of congressional Republican corruption (via TPM), among other things. His approval ratings are in the toilet, and he's showing great weakness on his core (and by core I mean only) strength with the voters, national security. If things continue this way, Republicans really are going to take a stunning hit across the board next November.

Other notes:

Again, apologies for the unreasonably light posting over the past few weeks. It will pick up; I'm hoping to write more or less daily from now on.

I'm considering beginning a petition to change the Minnesota state bird to the Mosquito. While I love the Loon, the size of some of the skeeters I've seen lately make me think it's the more realistic choice.

The Legislature remains deadlocked, meeting every three days (as required by law), adjourning, and getting closer to a government shutdown which may well prove disastrous for the slew of House DFL freshmen. At this point, I think that all vulnerable DFLers (especially in the House, which is still GOP controlled) should be playing defense, doing whatever they can to remind constituents that the House is run by the GOP and that the Governor is a Republican, and convincing voters that they're not to blame for the logjam. Here around Rochester, there was great relief when Gov. Pawlenty decided he'd ask for the Highway 52 expansion to be deemed essential, thus continuing in the event of a shutdown, as a delay in the work (scheduled to be finished this November) would have made Rochester residents apoplectic. As of this writing, there are less than 244 hours until the shutdown.

The 2006 elections in this area are shaping up to be interesting, especially with another less-than-successful session: every race here should be close, with freshmen DFL Reps. Tina Liebling and Andy Welti expected to try holding their seats, while strong challengers are preparing to take on veteran GOP Reps. Fran Bradley and Randy Demmer. Unknown are District 30 Sen. Sheila Kiscaden's plans, but as an Independent, she may face a three-way race next year, as she did in 2002 when she narrowly beat Republican Lynn Zaffke. Personally, I'd love to see her join forces with the DFL: she's fairly popular, with a reputation as a moderate, and would strengthen the party. This may be more likely than in the past, since Liebling and Welti have shown it's possible for DFLers to win in her district.

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