Friday, May 20, 2005 

Hindrocket Strikes Again!

Hindrocket, on the Worst Blog in the World (a blog that, embarassingly, comes from Minnesota and rhymes with hourpine), says this today:

As you've undoubtedly heard, someone took photos of Saddam Hussein in his underwear in his prison cell and sold them to the New York Post the London's Sun newspaper. The Sun published one photo today, and announced it will have more tomorrow. The Army is investigating to find out what happened, as taking and disseminating the photos is a violation of Army policy. Everyone is denouncing the violation of Saddam's rights, talking about the Geneva Convention, etc.

Whatever. Saddam used to have his minions make videos when they would torture, rape and murder his political opponents (or anyone else who happened to run afoul of the ruling gang of criminals). Saddam and his cohorts would watch these videos for fun. (Hitler did the same thing, by the way--one of the rare Hitler analogies that is actually justified.) So do I have a lot of sympathy because Saddam got photographed in his underwear, folding a pair of slacks in what looks, not like a jail cell, but like a hotel room? Um, no. I don't.

This seems pretty typical of a lot of Republicans. Mr. Hindrocket wants to turn the United States of America, theoretically the most just and free nation in the world, into something more closely resembling Saddam Hussein's Iraq. One of the many reasons that we are better than Saddam's Iraq is that we respect human rights. All human rights. And if this photograph is a violation of the Geneva Convention, which we are a party to, it's a problem. No, it's probably not something to get worked up over, but neither is it something to dismiss, as Hindrocket does. While sometimes we may have to fight ourselves a little to care about minor violations of human rights of those who have made the deepest violations of the human rights of millions, it's something that we must do. Saddam is a terrible, terrible man, but he is a human being, and here in the United States we (most of us) believe that he has rights that no one can take away.

If Hindrocket was locked up, I wonder if he'd think it important for others to care about his rights being violated?

Thursday, May 19, 2005 

The Best Case Against Vouchers

Why can't we make this illegal?

Sunday, May 15, 2005 

Political Blogging

My apologies again for posting so little. It has been an incredibly busy time for this blogger, in addition to there being little going on that I find significant, either in Minnesota or nationally. The next week will have lots more for the two dedicated webcrawler readers of this blog. I promise.

In the meantime, I was hoping to learn how the readers of this blog (should they exist, of course) get their news, whether from newspapers, TV, online, through blogs, whatever. Also, what kind of political blogs are you reading? Do you read crap like Powerline, just for another perspective? I'd love to hear about your news habits.

If no one actually reads this, this will be incredibly embarrassing.

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