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Friday, July 01, 2005 

Shutdown Liveblogging

5:21: The House has come to order, and Rep. Sertich is moving for a suspension of the rules to pass HF99, another lights-on bill. This one is a one-month bill, keeping the government functioning until July 31st.

5:26: Roll call vote after no Republican debate. Suspension fails 63-60 (90 votes required). Republicans still not allowing a lights-on bill to pass. Republicans still keeping the government shut down.

5:35: Rep. Paulson moves that when the House adjourn, it adjourn until tomorrow at 9 AM. Motion fails on a voice vote! A division is requested, and the motion prevails.

5:36: Rep. Paulson moves for the House to adjourn. The motion prevails on a voice vote, and the House adjourns.

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