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Thursday, June 30, 2005 

Liveblogging #3

12:28 AM: This is getting a little confusing for one not acquainted with House rules. Hold on.

12:35 AM: Rep. Hortman (DFL-Brooklyn Park) is saying that either "the buck stops at your desk" for all members, or it stops at Speaker Sviggum's desk. Hear hear!

12:35 AM: Rep. Tom Emmer is saying "YOU didn't get the job done," referring to Hortman, the DFLers, and in particular the DFL House freshmen. Rep. Emmer would do well to remember that he is in the member of the majority, and that Rep. Hortman is in the minority, in the House and overall.

12:39: A vote is being taken on a suspension of the rules for HCR06. The motion to suspend has failed 63 (ayes) - 70 (nays).

12:41: Rep. Hackbarth has moved to adjourn. The motion has failed 66 (ayes) - 68 (nays).

12:43: Rep. Sertich has moved for a "Call of the House." There are a couple of GOP absentees, and there's a weird roll call procedural problem. There is a member (Rep. Meslow, R-White Bear Lake) who is excused. I didn't understand this one.

12:50: Rep. Sertich has moved for a suspension of the rules to allow HR112 to come to a vote. HR112 has no entry online, so I'm not sure what it is. And I'm hearing that Reps. Dorman and Olson were the ones who were coming over to vote with the DFL.

12:57: Rep. Knoblach doesn't want this to come to a vote, as it's his bill, and he is asking Rep. Sertich to withdraw his motion. Rep. Entenza says no, and he wants to pass it now.

1:09: They're still debating on the motion to suspend. It's a snoozer. By the way, if you want to be watching this (and not need this blog) go here.

1:13: Wow. Tempers are starting to rise here, especially on the Republican side of the aisle.

1:16: HF112, by the way, is another lights-on bill. A shorter one, I believe. Roll call vote for suspension fails 73-60 (remember, a 2/3rds supermajority is required, which equals 90 votes)!

1:19: The Call of the House was just lifted on Rep. Paulson's motion, and Paulson successfully (voice vote both) moved to adjourn the House. It will reconvene at 9 AM tomorrow.

Wrap-up post coming momentarily.

The motion to suspend failed 63-70 and the motion to adjourn failed 66-68. The yeas are written first.

Thank you for that. I wasn't sure about the notation. I'll correct that.

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