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Thursday, June 30, 2005 

No Racino!

Pawlenty drops Racino plan! Hallelujah! Perhaps some compromise at last!

You seem to have forgotten about the cigarette fee as a compromise. Of course, the DFL knows nothing of compromise, they only know of gridlock, but that's what happens when left-winger Larry Pogemiller pulls the strings from behind the scenes.

Yes, Larry Pogemiller, the orchestrator of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. I forgot about him.

The cigarette tax is a bit of a compromise, and a golf clap to Gov. Pawlenty for it. I don't like being misled by having it called a fee, but I'll take it either way. Especially since we'll make great ads and literature in 2006 about how Tim Pawlenty is splitting hairs while breaking his no-new-tax pledge.

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