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Thursday, June 30, 2005 

House Reconvening

The House looks to be about to reconvene, though it's about fourty-five minutes later than they actually should have, which probably indicates something's up. I'll liveblog. Republicans are expected to kill the lights-on bill, which is bad for the state and very unfortunate, but hopefully voters will remember who the real obstructionists were and will punish them come next November.

Liveblogging when the House begins, which should be momentarily. Two hours to shutdown.

WTF - the news is saying the Senate just packed up and went home?


The Senate passed the lights-on bill and adjourned for the night, yes. Now if the Republicans in the House consent to keep this state running, it will be up to the Governor.

Republicans getting something done - Not exactly something I'd ever put my faith in. It makes sense but imagewise, it doesn't really look good for the Senate to have gone home.

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