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Thursday, June 30, 2005 

Hogs, Frogs, and Jobs

Watching House debate on the Agriculture, Environment, and Rural Economic Development bill. Pretty broad support for it, and the Senate already passed it, but Rep. Olson (R-Big Lake) has a problem with the fact that the bill may be unconstitutional due to the fact that it has three different subjects contained in it. He's urging a no vote. Wow.

I'll be watching/semi-liveblogging the rest of the day.

Update: Bill passes easily, with just a handful of members opposing.

Update #2: Oops...the rules were suspended easily, rather than the bill being passed. Debate still going on.

Update #3: This debate is getting intense. Rep. Wagenius got up and delivered an emotional speech about the destruction of our environment, and Rep. Hausman delivered an emotional speech of her own. Rep. Seifert, in response to a question from Rep. Rukavina, talked about the DFL's "insatiable appetite" for spending. Rep. Rukavina accused Rep. Seifert of lying on the floor of the MN House.

Update #4: After a bit of a holdup by Rep. Olson about the bill's constitutionality, the bill (SF 69) passes 93-41. State parks stay open!

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