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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 

Hail to the Chief

Inspiration just came in the form of a post over at Clever Peasantry about Gov. Pawlenty getting pissed at Sen. Johnson for doing his duty.

It brought up two ideas:

The first is that this budget business may well silence, or at least quiet, Gov. Pawlenty's humming of 'Hail to the Chief' every morning as he looks into his mirror. His strongly-rumored presidential ambitions might not survive a debacle like this special session/government shutdown is turning out to be. Thank God; a Tim Pawlenty presidency would be very ugly.

The second is simply wondering whether this country could afford to have a commander-in-chief that disrespects his troops the way that the Governor has. Granted, Brigadier General Dean Johnson is no ordinary Guardsman, but the Governor's attitude with a troop that he commands is just unacceptable.

This man can't ever become the commander-in-chief of the United States military; in fact, he can't be allowed to remain the CinC of Minnesota's National Guard.

It's really kind of ironic. Back in happier times T.Paw used to jet all over the world to show how much he supported our troops-whether driving nine hours through the fog in Bosnia or wearing his jaunty yellow Spam shirt in Iraq-wherever there was a military photo-op T.Paw was there.

Now he's so desperate he takes his political cheap shots were he can and never mind the long term effect. T.Paw for president? It's looking more likely that it's T.Paw for one term governor.

Thank God.

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