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Thursday, June 30, 2005 

E-mail to Rep. Westrom

I just sent this e-mail to Rep. Torrey Westrom, who was just speaking on the House floor about the harm that the lights-on bill will do to education:

Rep. Westrom, I just listened to your floor speech regarding the cut in school funding that SF65, the lights-on bill, would create. And I was struck by an article (http://www.startribune.com/stories/587/5482581.html) from the Star Tribune today that contains the following passage, emphasis mine:

"Pawlenty renewed his call for DFLers to agree to one of his "reforms," which include initiative and referendum, a racino, a ban on school-year teacher strikes, a unicameral Legislature and some version of school vouchers that would allow some children to attend private schools with taxpayer money."

One of Gov. Pawlenty's demands for a budget was for school vouchers. Now, it's well known that school vouchers are harmful to public schools by sending government funding, which would otherwise go to public schools, to private schools. I would be interested in seeing how you can call the governor's plan, which is also apparently the House's plan, good for education, while calling a lights-on bill bad for education.

Thank you for your time,

- North Star Politics

Sorry about that guy... he's from my district and he's an idiot. Don't pay attention to him and maybe he'll go away.

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