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Sunday, June 26, 2005 

100 Hours and Counting

Less than 100 hours now (94.5, to be exact) until the state shuts down. Apparently, though, there's new movement in St. Paul on cutting a deal. The Star Trib also has an article on the toll the session is taking on legislators, as well as Tim Pawlenty's newest move: trying to lock himself and legislative leaders up at Camp Ripley until they make a deal. I'm hearing that there really is optimism among legislators that a shutdown will be avoided. These people aren't stupid; everyone knows how much a shutdown will hurt them politically.

The House and Senate meet tomorrow: the House at 11 AM, the Senate at noon. We'll see how things go.

Update: I forgot to mention something the first time around. Kudos to the Star Tribune for consistently being a quality newspaper. It isn't perfect, not by a long shot, but it deserves some recognition. It has done pretty well on covering the Bush administration's outrages, and it has done reasonably well (with a few major exceptions) covering the state legislative session. Good job, Strib.

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