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Friday, May 06, 2005 

Unpatriotic, Filthy Rich Hiding Money

ACSBlog has a thought-provoking post about how the filthy rich are hiding unimaginably large sums of money in tax havens overseas. This hurts the US, of course, because money being earned here can't be taxed by us when it goes to these tax havens. The post includes a quote from The Center for Freedom and Prosperity saying that they shouldn't be eliminated, calling them "an escape hatch for overburdened taxpayers."

Why don't the Democrats rail on this every time we have to resort to deficit spending? There is an absolutely gigantic sum of money out there that the US is being wrongfully denied taxation rights to. Every time the Republicans want to make new cuts, Democrats should be pointing to the legislation that they'll be introducing to close these loopholes that the Republicans won't be letting out of committee. Democrats should be calling them out on protecting the thieving, unpatriotic rich. They should be saying they're weakening our national defense by keeping money out of the budget. This is a perfect way to show America where Republicans stand: firmly on the side of the rich, firmly against the middle-class.

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