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Wednesday, May 04, 2005 

Military Recruiting Falls Short

Army and Army Reserve recruiters are apparently falling far short of their recruiting goals, with worrying implications for national defense. Right now is not a good time for the Army anyways, with allegations of recruiting scandals, the possibility of recruiters being banned from college campuses and Pfc. Lynndie England's Abu trial (and its new developments) all over the news, but the huge drop in new recruits is especially troubling in that it has implications for the War on Terror and the military's ability to fight another engagement (say, in North Korea or Iran) should it become truly necessary. It's becoming increasingly clear that the military has overextended itself, and whether you're a hawk or a dove, the ability to project power is an important one, if for no other reason than deterrence. Unfortunately, the Army's recruiting troubles are nothing new, and the longer we're unable to succeed in Iraq, the worse they will become. There's no short-term answer to this problem. What keeps me awake at night, of course, is a reinstatement of the draft, a far more worrying prospect for a college student than the overextension of the military. Under a Bush administration and a Republican Congress, it's not as farfetched idea as it once was.

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